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The visit of the museum is again possible without 3G requirements, but we recommend to continue wearing a mask in the museum.
In the Reduit Tilly, due to the confinement of the building, there is still an obligation to wear a medical mask.

All three houses of the Bavarian Army Museum will
not open until 10 a.m. on 11 October 2022.
Unfortunately the Tower with the flat figures is currently closed for construction work.

Bayerische Garde du Corps Bleifiguren, Inv. Nr. N 3016 © Bayerisches ArmeemuseumSonderausstellung

Stadt und Museum

2. Oktober bis 2. November 2014
in der Altstadt von Ingolstadt


Objekt des Monats

Truhe, sog. Kriegskasse, 17. Jahrhundert, Inv,-Nr. A 8393 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum