Formen des Krieges 1600-1815
Das Zelt des Großwesirs
Neuer Museumsraum (Neues Schloss)
Friedensbeginn? Bayern 1918-1923

Objekt des Monats

Helm der republikanischen Schutztruppe, Helm um 1916, (Bemalung nach 1918), Inv.-Nr. 0222-1972 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum

Visiting the museum is again possible without special requirements (vaccinated, tested...).
Due to the still high incidence values, however, we are sticking to the
obligation to wear a medical mask in our houses until further notice.

Hygiene rules during the corona pandemic



Vaccinated - tested - proof of recovery
Please understand that the museum may only be visited with a current vaccinated - tested - proof of recovery.
A rapid test may be no more than 24 hours old, a PCR test no more than 48 hours old. The point in time when the swab was taken counts - not when you got the result.
Children of pre-school age are exempt from the obligation to provide proof. Bavarian schoolchildren are considered to have been tested (also during the holidays) because of regular tests at school.

Mask requirement
Masks are required - only FFP2 masks are allowed. Children under the age of six are still exempt from the obligation to wear a mask. Children and adolescents between their sixth and sixteenth birthday only need to wear a medical face mask.

Distance rules
In the museum, the current hygiene and distance rules apply.

In the entrance area of each house there are stands with disinfectant (touchless) for our visitors.

Regular cleaning
Surfaces (e.g. door handles, handrails, locker doors / keys ...) are disinfected at set intervals. The same goes for the toilets.

No entry
The following persons / visitors are excluded from entry:
- People with unspecific general symptoms (all symptoms that match the Covid-19 clinical picture) as well as respiratory symptoms (breathing problems) of any severity
- People who have been in contact with Covid-19 cases within the last 14 days

Access restrictions
Only individual visitors (1 house) are permitted in certain rooms in the museums and in the elevators.

The premises are ventilated regularly.