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Innenseite des Zeltes des Großwesirs Sarı Süleyman Pascha, Inv.-Nr. A 1854 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Foto: Carlo Paggiarino / Hans Prunner Editore)

New Exhibition Room

Zelt des Großwesirs Sari Süleyman Pascha, Inv.-Nr. A 1854 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Foto: Erich Reisinger)Flyer "The Grand Vizier's Tent"The Grand Vizier's Tent

Another stage in the museum‘s new presentation! A redesigned room in the Army Museum allows the tent of the Grand Vizier Sarı Süleyman Paşa to be admired again.
The item is testimony to the superior craftsmanship of Istanbul‘s tent makers and to the long and recurring wars with the Ottoman Empire. The room chronicles the history of the tent from its conquest in 1687 to the present day. On 12 August 1687, a major pitched battle took place west of the town of Mohács, in the south of present-day Hungary. The Ottoman army was led by the Grand Vizier, while Charles of Lorraine was supreme commander of the Imperial troops. The Ottomans were defeated. Maximilian Emanuel gained the war chests and the Grand Vizier‘s splendid tents.
What the exhibition does show is how the tent was repeatedly put to new uses in Bavaria. For instance, in September 1838, it was erected on the plain west of Augsburg for a Bavarian military encampment. Since 1881, the tent has been the largest showpiece of the Bavarian Army Museum.


Objekt des Monats

Rückenplatte, dreiteilig, aus einer Hauptplatte und zwei Seitenplatten, süddeutsch?, frühes 16. Jahrhundert, Inv.-Nr. N 5324 © Bayerisches Armeemuseum


The visit of the museum is again possible without 3G requirements, but we recommend to continue wearing a mask in the museum.
In the Reduit Tilly, due to the confinement of the building, there is still an obligation to wear a medical mask.

All three houses of the Bavarian Army Museum (New Castle, Tilly and Triva) will close as early as 4:30 pm on 1 december 2022.

Schreinerei. Blick in einen Werkzeugschrank © Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Foto: Erich Reisinger)Stellenausschreibung
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Katalog "Sonne, Mond und Sterne. Eine Reitgarnitur des Kurfürsten  Maximilian I. von Bayern" ist als PDF onlineKostenloses PDF online
„Sonne, Mond und Sterne"
Katalog zur prachtvollen Reitgarnitur

Neues Schloss © Bayerisches Armeemuseum (Foto: Erich Reisinger)Stellenausschreibung
Mitarbeiter*in (m/w/d) im Aufsichtdienst
Bewerbungsschluss am 27.11.2022

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