Formen des Krieges 1600-1815
Das Zelt des Großwesirs
Neuer Museumsraum (Neues Schloss)
Friedensbeginn? Bayern 1918-1923

GeschlossenGeschlossenDas Museum des Ersten Weltkriegs und
das Bayerische Polizeimuseum
müssen am 7. Juli 2022 wegen des Firmenlaufs leider bereits um 16 Uhr schließen.

The visit of the museum is again possible without 3G requirements, but we recommend to continue wearing a mask in the museum.
In the Reduit Tilly, due to the confinement of the building, there is still an obligation to wear a medical mask.

All three houses of the museum will be closed for an event on 14 and 15 July 2022!
On 16 July 2022 only the New Castle will be open!

Permanent Exhibitions in the Museum of World War I